Taveez is going viral

The music video Taveez featuring Ranjha Vikram Singh is out now. The song is sung by Yasser Desai and is directed by Simranjit Hundal.

The song features Sara Gurpal, who is known as the disha patani of Punjab alongside Ranjha Vikram Singh.

The music video is under Running Horses Music which is owned by Vikram Singh and Anil Jain. This is a beautiful romantic track which will have take us on a nostalgia of all the romantic and beautiful times which we might not be able to enjoy due to the lockdown.

Says Ranjha, ‘Taveez is a lovely track. It’s an out and out romantic track and it will take to all those memories and make you relive them. The music is done by Abhishek -Amol and they have done a tremendous job. We, at Running Horses Music are trying to give the talented lot a big platform to compete and put out their best. We are a talent friendly platform and will remain so. This is one of those songs which will stay for a long time in the minds of the audience and that is exactly what we want. The review of the song is great and I am truly honoured for it.’

Catch the video at https://youtu.be/8WkKqWhl7nE