Discrepancies in Tamilnadu’s Covid-19 data?

Chennai: Though the opposition parties have been alleging that there were discrepancies in Tamilnadu’s Covid-19 data, the government has always denied this and said everything is transparent.

Now, according to reports, a part of an internal report compiled by the Health and Family Welfare (HFW) Department in Tamilnadu to present to officials at the highest level has shown data that is different from the Covid-19 data publicly reported by the State in its bulletins every day.

It is also reported that antigen testing for Covid-19 has been available in several private diagnostic laboratories in the city for the past three weeks, but data from these tests is not being shared publicly and those tested positive are not being added to the state’s Covid-19 registry.

When contacted, Health department officials said the State’s coronavirus management is being done in an open manner and there is nothing to hide.
“Discrepancies, if any, might be due to inadvertent errors and we would rectify it as soon as possible,” they said.


NT Bureau