Kerala allows asymptomatic Covid workers to work

Thiruvananthapuram: Guest workers who are Covid-positive but asymptomatic have been allowed by the Kerala government to work in exclusive areas.

“If the guest workers are found positive, such workers need to be segregated. If they are asymptomatic positive then – they may work in the areas exclusively marked for the work to be done by asymptomatic workers, with all precautions,” a government order reads.

“They shall not mix with any other workers or officers. Their stay and food arrangements shall be done exclusively as COVID Frontline Treatment Centre (CFLTC) guidelines for asymptomatic positive,” the order adds.

The order also states that migrant workers coming to Kerala will be under quarantine for 14 days, at a place decided by the contractor of the project for which they have been hired.

Workers who arrive in the state without getting tested must undergo an antigen test on the fifth day from their arrival. The cost of such a test will be borne by the contractor, the order states.


NT Bureau