More honour for A Bloody Mess

Asis Sethi’s short film, A Bloody Mess has been winning awards at film festivals around the world.

As a South Asian Canadian filmmaker, Asis Sethi has longed to watch films that normalise conversations surrounding otherwise taboo or sensitive topics, and with that in mind, she set out to make her film A Bloody Mess.

Produced by Fly Away Films Inc and Think Brown Media, this short film brings to light Asis’s vision of getting the story across of the kind of angst a teenager can go through when she is constantly bombarded with traditional practices that disable her from voicing a plain and simple fact – that she is on her period.

The film stars Maria Crystal Melo, Annie Koshy, and Devanshu Narang in lead roles.

Asis is excited to share that she is in the midst of finalizing the editing of another short film titled, Still.

She is also in the development phases of two projects: a short film focusing on the post-partum journey of a new mother and a feature film project which is currently under wraps.

Asis hopes to continue to stand up as a voice for groups who have consistently been suppressed in society. Through her film A Bloody Mess, Asis has been engaging in important conversations in the community on national radio stations, television stations and web shows about menstrual hygiene.

She hopes to continue to engage in conversations in the community with her upcoming projects.