Post Covid, 58-year-old overcomes respiratory failure

Chennai: In what is being claimed as the first successful post-Covid respiratory failure treatment through ECMO in Tamilnadu, Gleneagles Global Health City has announced treating a 58-year-old patient from Chennai.

The team of medical experts headed by Dr Govini Balasubramanian, Dr Subramanian Swaminathan, Dr Rajavel, Dr Sivasailam and Dr Suresh aided in the recovery of this patient to a stable condition.

The patient was healthy and without any co-morbidities till July 2020. The patient then developed fever and breathing difficulty and underwent treatment for severe Covid in a neighbourhood hospital for 14 days. He was subsequently discharged with RTPCR negative.

After a couple of weeks of Covid treatment, his blood oxygen levels continued to drop below a critical level and he was referred to Gleneagles Global Health City for progressive respiratory failure and severe lung injury.


NT Bureau