Assess if local lockdowns are effective: Modi to States

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged States to gauge if local lockdowns of one or two days were effective in containing Covid-19 and asked them to move ahead with full strength on the economic front while fighting the pandemic.

During a review interaction with Chief Ministers of seven States, Modi put forward the strategy of having ‘micro containment zones’ as it would curb the infection spread and also allow activities to go on.

“Every state should observe how effective they are in preventing the coronavirus, which is a 1-2 day local lockdown. Is it not because of this that there is a problem in starting economic activities in your state? I urge all states to think seriously about this,” Modi said.

“The lockdown brought benefits. Globally too, it has been appreciated. However, now we have to focus on micro containment zones, which will ensure that the spread is contained… States have to make an assessment on how effective are the lockdowns that are being imposed for 1-2 days,” he added.


NT Bureau