Vijayakanth ‘hospitalised for corona’, DMDK says ‘Captain is fine’

Chennai: DMDK president Vijayakanth has been admitted to a private hospital in Chennai with ‘mild Covid-19 symptoms’.

According to a release from his party this morning, when Vijayakanth went to hospital for his routine health check-up, he was found with mild Covid symptoms.

“However, it has ben cured and Captain is now completely alright,” it added. The 68-year-old actor-turned-politician, who was fondly called as Captain, was last seen in a cameo role in his son Shanmuga Pandian’s film Sagaptham (2015).

Virudhagiri (2010) was his last full-fledged film, which also marked his first film a director. Recently, his party said it wished to see Vijayakanth as ‘king’ in next year’s assembly elections in Tamilnadu.

Vijayakanth’s wife and DMDK treasurer Premalatha said her party cadres’ wish is their ‘Captain’ (as Vijayakant is addressed by his supporters) to be a ‘king’ (and not a king maker) in the next assembly election for which they favour going it alone.


NT Bureau