CIA concerned over ‘hire & fire’

Chennai: While congratulating the Union government for passing the Bills on amendments in three codes on Labour Act, Consortium of Indian Associations (CIA) has said there is a feeling among workmen that as the limit of threshold eligibility is increased from 100 to 300, it will make those employed, mostly in, small scale enterprises – become victim of ‘Hire and Fire’.

In a statement, CIA said, “it is especially relevant in the present market conditions as survival is very difficult for both. The dependence on each other will be on increase ‘after covid situation’, merely for survival.”

K E Raghunathan, convenor of CIA, said, “It is a family and the binding becomes stronger in tough times like this for mutual advantage.”

On the positive aspects of the amendments, CIA said, “employers wanted simplified procedures, enhancement of eligibility criteria, higher productivity, minimum Inspector Raj and lesser compliances. Employees wanted assured minimum wages, better and safe working conditions and atmosphere, assured social security, secured employment, safety conditions, additional benefits based on contributions and healthy work schedules. The revisions have adequately taken care of interests of both though an ideal condition to arrive at is not an easy task.”


NT Bureau