Kidney transplant for Covid pneumonia recovered patient

Chennai: A team of doctors in Chennai has performed a kidney transplant on a 44-year-old male patient who had recovered from Covid pneumonia.

His is one among the seven kidney transplant surgeries done during this pandemic so far. Covid-19 Pneumonia is a serious illness which affects the lungs and can be fatal. It damages the cells and tissue that line the air sacs in the lungs.

The patient from the city who was waiting for a cadaver kidney, unfortunately acquired Covid-19 Pneumonia. With good care, he recovered soon in a week with oxygen and other supported therapy. Three weeks later he got an offer for a cadaver kidney.

As most of the transplant centres were not performing transplant operations during pandemic, Gem Hospital took up the challenge.

The hospital’s team of doctors- Dr Prabhu Kanchi, Dr Swaminathan Sambandam, Dr Rajasekaran Siddhan, Dr Vanmathy, Dr Revathi, VP Vaseekaran – carried out the transplant after confirming that the patient had fully recovered from Covid pneumonia. Later, he got better and discharged in a week and doing fine now, it is said.


NT Bureau