Aditya Chopra reveals secret of YRF 50

Chennai: “The secret of YRF 50 are the people”, says Aditya Chopra, as he thanks the entire industry, everyone who has associated with Yash Raj Films through its five decades.

“I am trying to figure out what exactly is the secret of this 50 year success? What makes a company flourish for 50 years? Is it the creative genius of Yash Chopra? The audacious vision of his 25 year old upstart son? Or is it just plain luck? It’s none of the above. Its the people who worked in each and every YRF film for the last 50 years,” he says.

Aditya Chopra recently revealed the special logo on the 88th birth anniversary of his father Yash Chopra. In a heartwarming note that was released earlier by Aditya to kickstart the celebrations, he had said, “In 1970, my father Yash Chopra, left the security and comfort of his brother Mr. BR Chopra and formed his own company. Till then, he was a salaried employee of BR Films and didn’t own anything of his own. He did not know how to run a business and did not even have the basic knowledge of what goes into making a company. All he had was a strong belief in his talent and hardwork and a dream to be self-reliant.”


NT Bureau