Colours of Arabia come to Chennai

Actress Khushbu Sundar at the inaugural of Colours of Arabia exhibition.

Chennai: A photography exhibition titled Colours of Arabia, by Hasnain Ahmed, a photographer and filmmaker, a member of Campix and HIPA, Dubai, UAE, was inaugurated in Chennai recently.

He has travelled to many countries to capture people, food, culture, landscapes and more, from around the world.

Talking about the expo, he says, “My aim is to bring people together around the globe by way of cultural acceptance. And what better way to understand and capture the various cultures by travel and photography.”

He adds: “By capturing the beautiful moments from one place, I bring them to another land, where the people can experience it and understand the beauty of another culture. In this exhibition, Colours of Arabia, I want to take the desert culture around the globe, starting with India, because I feel there are many things common between India and Arab traditions, right from their family values to food and hospitality. Similarly, I am in the process of doing ‘Colours of India’ exhibition for the Middle-Eastern people.”


NT Bureau