Assamese youth trampled by elephant near Coimbatore

Coimbatore: In a tragic incident, an Assamese youth was trampled to death by a wild elephant near Coimbatore.

Sources said the 22-year-old youth, Saritul Islam, a native of Mayong village in Assam, was working in a brick kiln, where the tragedy occurred.

The victim, who was staying at the brick kiln located about 20 km from this Textile city, came out to attend the nature’s call, when he was trampled to death by the pachyderm, which had strayed from the nearby forest area.

Before Saritul could escape, the elephant held him by its trunk and swung him into the ground and trampled him to death.

He was shifted to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital by the fellow brick kiln workers, where he was declared dead.


NT Bureau