CAA coming soon: BJP national president

J P Nadda

Kolkata: BJP national president J P Nadda has said the execution of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act has been delayed due to the pandemic and said that the law will be implemented soon.

Speaking at a meeting of social groups of north Bengal, he said, “All of you will get the benefits of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. It has been passed in Parliament. We are committed to it.”

He added: “Due to Covid-19 pandemic, implementation of CAA got delayed. But as the situation is slowing improving, work has started and rules are now being framed. It will be implemented very soon.”

He accused the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal of indulging in “divide and rule politics” in the State to serve the political interests of her party – the TMC, unlike BJP which works for the development of all.

Nadda expressed confidence that the BJP will form the next government in West Bengal after the Assembly polls in 2021 as the people of the State are fed up with the violence and cut-money culture of the TMC government.


NT Bureau