Lockdown over but Coronavirus still there, vaccine getting ready: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, “Lockdown may have been over, but virus is still there”. He also said vaccines are getting ready in India and expressed hope that they would be out soon.

In his address to the nation through television, the PM urged people to follow safety norms during festival season. “Even small negligence can bring us grief,” he said.

‘Following the mantra of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’, our doctors, nurses, health workers are selflessly serving such a large population. Amidst all these efforts, this is not the time to be careless,’ he said.

He asked media personnel, people on social media to campaign to spread public awareness for following Covid-19 guidelines.

“Govt is making all efforts to ensure that vaccine, whenever it is launched, reaches every Indian,” he said.

According to Modi, more than 10 crore tests have been conducted so far, over 2,000 Covid labs are operational, over 90 lakhs beds are available and over 12,000 quarantine centres are there in the country.

“Many people have stopped taking precautions now. This is not right. If you are careless, walking out without a mask, then you are putting yourself, your family, your family‚Äôs children, the elderly in as much trouble,” he added.


NT Bureau