Why Vijay Sethupathi pulled out of Muralitharan biopic?

Former Sri Lankan cricketer Muthiah Muralitaran urged film actor Vijay Sethupathi to pull out of his biopic 800 following objections by a section of the film industry and political leaders.

Responding to Murali’s appeal, Vijay Sethupathi tagged the offie’s statement with a tweet ‘Nandri (thanks), Vanakkam with folded hands’.

In a statement issued in view of the backlaskh being faced by Vijay Sethupathi in Tamil Nadu, Muralitharan said he was aware of the severe pressure being exerted on the actor following his decision to act in the biopic on Murali, who is the first bowler to claim 800 international wickets in his cricketing career.

Stating that was not interested in a quality actor like Vijay Sethupathi being affected, Murali said with a view to ensure that there were no future objections in his film journey, he appealed to him to opt of the biopic.

Noting that he had always recouped whenever he had faced hurdles in his life and had reached to this level, the former off spinner said he had agreed for a biopic on him with a view encourage more cricketers and there was no other reason.

He said the producers would certainly come out of this hurdle and take the film forward and they have assured him that an announcement would be made soon in this regard.