Cyber Crime wing books Thirumavalavan for comments on Hindu women

Chennai: The Cyber Crime Wing of the CCB has booked a case against VCK president Thol Thirumavalavan over his remarks against Hindu women.

The case was booked based on an online complaint from Ashwathaman, a BJP functionary. Meanwhile, BJP functionary Khushbu Sundar has demanded an apology from Thirumavalavan.

Also, she has urged the Congress and the DMK to condemn Thirumavalavan. In a video, the VCK chief says, “How are women, who form around half of the population, treated in Sanatana Dharma? How are they oppressed and taken advantage of for a long time? What does Sanatana Dharma say about women? Women were basically created by God as prostitutes. All women are prostitutes, as per Hindu dharma, Manu dharma.”

Meanwhile, Thirumavalavan has said, “Manudharma and Sanatana Dharma are scriptures that have degraded women from time to time. Some groups are twisting what I spoke in an online forum meeting over a month ago and spreading lies about it.”

“Dr Ambedkar had, back then, highlighted how Manu dharmam degraded women and had burned a copy of it. Periyar had also spoken about the atrocities and burned a copy of the manu dharmam. Time and time again several leaders have highlighted this and yet injustice towards women prevails,” he said.


NT Bureau