Editorial: Shocker for Indians

US President Donald Trump described the air in India, Russia and China as filthy as he denounced Democratic rival Joe Biden’s plans to tackle climate change late.

At their second and final Presidential debate, Trump renewed his criticism that action on climate change was unfair to the United States. Look at China, how filthy it is. Look at Russia, look at India — it’s filthy. The air is filthy, Trump said at the debate in Nashville, Tennessee.

The US President also accused India, China and Russia of not taking care of their ‘filthy air’ as he justified America’s withdrawal from the landmark Paris climate agreement. “We have the best environmental numbers, ozone numbers, and so many other numbers. In the meantime, China, Russia, India all these countries they’re spewing stuff into the air,” he alleged during the rally.

The fact is that while the US is responsible for 22% of the cumulative emissions choking the planet, India has contributed only 2%. As a much poorer plus more populous country India necessarily has greater medium-term dependency on fossil fuels. Paris Accord was meant to help countries like India transition to cleaner technologies.


NT Bureau