Security cameras now come with siren and strobe light

Chennai: With CCTV cameras becoming the norm to ensure safety of home and workplaces, technological upgrades are being made to the ‘third eye’.

EZVIZ is ‘C4W outdoor smart wi-fi camera’. It safeguards the indoor and outdoor areas of home, shops or small business with its active defence with siren and strobe light, extended night vision, two-way talk, water and dust resistance, and many more features.

The camera is equipped with an active defence feature. When someone enters protected areas at specific times that you set, the C4W will flash a warning light and play a sound to drive intruders away. Once alarm is triggered, a notification will be sent to your smartphone, which helps you to view what’s happened and take necessary actions accordingly.

It also has features like customisable voice alerts, which helps you to remind visitors in a gentle way that they’ve entered a protected area.

Meanwhile, gearing up to celebrate this festive season and to delight its patrons, Canon India has introduced offers and benefits.

On the purchase of EOS M200, customers will get a free Blaupunkt earbuds set. Further, customers can get an extended three-year warranty, available on all Canon’s full frame cameras.

Kazutada Kobayashi, president and CEO, Canon India said, “Individuals and organisations across the world faced extraordinary circumstances this year due to Covid-19. However we all have shown our resilience and willingness to emerge stronger.”


NT Bureau