Is this right time to buy new car?

Chennai: One of the most anticipated seasons in India is, without a doubt, the last quarter of the year. Not only does it bring the cool winter months, but this period also signals the onset of festivities across the country.

Lavish meals, elaborate home decorations and non-stop celebrations are some of the elements that make up this season. As people get ready to welcome all new things, this time is often considered auspicious for starting new ventures and making purchases. Festive season is also considered the best time to buy a car.

Owning a vehicle is even more pertinent in current times when a global pandemic has altered social behavior and requires us to exercise extreme caution in all public spaces, including shared transport.

According to Ford India, people are associating great value to buying cars and the demand for new vehicles has been steady since the lockdown was lifted, despite an overall economic slowdown.

And since this is the start of the festive season, there are a few other advantages of buying a car now as well.

A financial analyst said, from waiving processing fees to offering special interest rates, financial institutions pull out all stops to woo customers during the festive season.

Some companies waive off part payment or foreclosure charges for all car purchases during the festive season, while others may offer cash discounts, corporate discounts, cash voucher or free accessories.


NT Bureau