Best way to find breast cancer

Chennai: A breast cancer awareness survey pertaining to self-breast examination, its importance and awareness on hereditary aspects of breast cancer was carried out recently.

The study by Neuberg Diagnostics found that 70 percent of women are aware of the self-examination of breast cancer out of which 56 percent of women said that they do regular self-examination.

However, 35 percent were not aware of when to start performing self-breast examination and 19 percent were unsure about what to do further if they noticed changes.

Dr Anagha Zope, breast cancer surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad emphasised the need for women to start self-examination after 20 years of age and said that there is a need for women to be familiarised with their breast shape and size to detect subtle changes.

While suggesting the signs women need to look for during self-breast examination, she said, “A lump in the breast or under the armpit, thickening or swelling of part of the breast, irritation on the breast skin, redness around the nipple area or breast, change in size or shape of a breast, breast pain, or blood discharge from the nipple area are some of the indicative symptoms of breast cancer.”


NT Bureau