Fans urge Rajinikanth to rethink political plans, mixed reactions from leaders

Chennai: Plenty of posters were struck across Chennai asking actor Rajinikanth to enter politics since yesterday.

On Thursday, Rajinikanth tweeted that a leaked letter in his name saying that he won’t enter politics was untrue but contents about his health issue in the letter are true.

The ‘leaked’ statement had spoken about age and health related factors as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. In view of his kidney transplant, his doctors advised him against entry into politics, it said.

This morning, his fans struck posters all over Chennai saying that they would vote only for Rajinikanth and that he is their only hope. They even put out posts in social media urging Rajinikanth to enter politics at the earliest. They also gathered in front of Rajinkanth’s residence and raised slogans urging him to take political plunge.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Mayor and Rajini supporter Karate Thyagarajan today said, “Rajini will meet his RMM office-bearers. A good decision will come soon”.

VCK chief Thol Thirumavalavan today said that it will be good if Rajinikanth doesn’t enter politics.

He said, it would be bad if he falls prey for communal and divisive forces in case he chooses to float his own party. “He should stay away from politics”.

Naam Thamizhar Kanchi chief Seeman said, “Let Rajinikanth stay away from politics. He should stay healthy and live long.”

Seeman further said, “Rajinikanth needs a peaceful and calm life now. Politics is a tough journey. Keeping his health in mind, he should not indulge in politics.¬†We are ready to do what he wanted to do in Tamilnadu,” Seeman said.

Remember Rajinikanth had tweeted yesterday that he would announce on his political stand soon after consulting RMM office-bearers.


NT Bureau