She packs it with punches

Nyra Banerjee is a trained boxer and she has been pursuing it for a long time. She shares tips and how the training for boxing has helped her and it’s not just a fighting technique.

It’s actually a way of life. Boxing is about controlling your mind and we all know how important that is.

She says, ‘boxing is not just about fighting but it gives great source of energy and fitness. Boxing is holistic form of exercise. It pushes the energy levels higher and all the body organs are well oxygenated. One has to learn a lot of concentration for that. For women it’s a great source of self defense. We all know how important that is in today’s times. One can learn boxing at home as well. Boxing plays vital role in my life. It gives me the power of self defence and I am more confident and I feelore secured at most times. It is one of the most impertative sword for women in these days. I urge all women to learn a few basics of it atleast.’