First wave of Covid-19 concluding in Chennai?

Chennai: Going by the Covid-19 numbers each day and the number of recoveries in the recent days, there is a possibility that Chennai has flattened the curve.

The downward trend of Covid-19 could signify that the city has endured the first wave of the viral infection which lasted for months.

According to data given by the Greater Chennai Corporation, this morning the tally of total positive cases was 6,080 which is at three per cent.

Since the lockdown, Chennai has recorded 2,03,085 cases of Covid-19, of which 1,93,312 have recovered over the months. Chennai is showing 95 per cent recovery rate. Nearly 3,693 persons have died due to the viral infection.

As per records, 462 persons have died in Teynampet, 415 persons have died in Anna Nagar and 413 casualties are reported in Kodambakkam.

On 6 November, 11,565 tests were carried out by the City Corporation’s health department.

Currently, Anna Nagar has 462 positive cases and 415 cases are there in Kodambakkam. In Anna Nagar, 21,221 persons recovered from the viral disease.

The pandemic has affected more men than women. As per data, 61.67 per cent of the patients are male and 38.31 per cent are female.

Around 19.57 per cent of those contracting the virus is from the age group of 50-59 years.


NT Bureau