Case against Thirumavalavan dismissed, HC asks politicos to act responsibly

Thol Thirumavalavan

Chennai: A case filed against VCK chief Thol Thirumavalavan in the Manusmriti issue was dismissed by the Madras High Court today.  The court asked the petitioner to file the plea by denoting the proper penal codes.

“Manusmriti is not a law book. It is not known whether its translation is correct or not. People’s representatives should act responsibly. High Court should not be approached for political gains,” the court said.

Recently, the Cyber Crime Wing of the CCB had booked a case against Thirumavalavan over his remarks against Hindu women in a video clip.

The case was booked based on an online complaint from Ashwathaman, a BJP functionary.

In the video, the VCK chief had said, “How are women, who form around half of the population, treated in Sanatana Dharma? How are they oppressed and taken advantage of for a long time? What does Sanatana Dharma say about women? Women were basically created by God as prostitutes. All women are prostitutes, as per Hindu dharma, Manu dharma.”


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