‘Diabetes diet can be followed by all’

Dr Jitendra Singh

Chennai: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh, who is also a renowned Diabetologist, has said that proper food regime prescribed for a diabetic patient can also be prescribed for healthy people so that they cannot catch the disease.

Delivering the inaugural address, as chief guest on the topic “Digital Outreach for Knowledge Upgradation-Diabetes Specific Nutrition”, organised by Association of Physicians of India, he said, Covid has prompted us to discover new norms in adversity and underlined the importance of Indian Traditional Medicine System.

At the Webinar organized on the eve of World Diabetes Week, Dr Jitendra Singh said that ever since Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister of India, he has brought to the centre stage the virtues of indigenous system of medical management.

He said, it was Modi, who brought a unanimous resolution in the United Nations to observe International Day of Yoga, as a result of which Yoga has reached virtually every household across the world. He also added that it was Prime Minister Modi again, who created a separate Ministry of AYUSH, considering the importance of indigenous medical management system, besides promoting Holistic Medicine.

While Corona has taught us to live with new norms, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it has also given the physicians a cue to emphasize on the non-pharmacological methods of management including hygiene etc which had somehow lost due importance in recent years.

He noted, even after the Covid pandemic is over, the discipline of physical distancing and avoiding droplet infection will act as safeguard against many other infections as well.


NT Bureau