Though Chennai on recovery mode, Covid fears high due to festivals

Chennai: Even though Chennai is on road to recovery as active Covid-19 cases are on decline, fears are high among healthcare managers as festivals are here. With Deepavali festivities kicking in, most shopping hubs in the city are brimming with activity.

Officials warn public to take personal care by wearing masks, social distance and practise handwashing.

Chennai has witnessed sharp spike during the past months many times. There are also reports of huge number of people, as high as 39 lakh, planning to travel to other places during Deepavali. Most of them are planning to take buses to other districts.

The movemement of people is expected to lead to more cases being reported. According to the Greater Chennai Corporation, this morning the tally of total positive cases was 5, 819 which is at three per cent.

Since the lockdown, Chennai has recorded 2, 06,024 cases of Covid-19, of which 1,96,471 have recovered over the months. The recovery rate in the city is at 95 per cent.

Nearly 3,734 persons have died due to the viral infection. As per records, 469 persons have died in Teynampet, 418 persons have died in Anna Nagar and 414 casualties are reported in Kodambakkam.

On 10 November, 10,563 tests were carried out by the City Corporation’s health department.

Currently, Anna Nagar has 452 positive cases, 341 cases in Kodambakkam and 291 active cases in Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar. In Anna Nagar, 21,498 persons recovered from the viral disease which is the highest in the city.

The pandemic has affected more men than women. As per data, 62.66 per cent of the patients are male and 37.31 per cent are female.

Around 18.96 per cent of those contracting the virus is from the age group of 50-59 years.


NT Bureau