Review: Soorarai Pottru

Dream high. work for it and lay your own path to achieve it. This is the crux of Soorrai Pottru, which is no doubt Suriya’s best outing in recent times.
Inspired by the story of captain Gopinath from the book Simply Fly, who against all hurdles started India’s first low-cost airlines, the movie has a purpose.
His dream and  how he ran from pillar to post to realise the same has been effectively handled by filmmaker Sudha Kongara and given life by Suriya on screen. The actor in Suriya finally get the right food for his appetite. And he doesn’t want to miss it.
Doing a movie on a book is no easy task. But call it a collective effort that eventually engrosses and entertains too. The journey of a young man from a remote village to Indian Air Force and later venturing to do a high-risk business that is his passion has come good on screen.
Suriya and Nedumaran Rajangam aka Maara fits the bill well. An intense performer, he pours anger, agony and frustration as the character demands without much ado. The surprise weapon in Sudha’s armory is Aparna Balamurali. As a strong and self-made, charactres likes these are rarely written around women, she impresses. Her diction, body language, and expressions add strength. Half of Maara’s strength in the script is Bommi (Aparna Balamurali). And three cheers to the director for not showing their romance between the lead pair in a cliched manner. A Maniratnamisque touch is evident at a few places.
The co-stars be it Urvashi, Kali Venkat or Karunaas have places in the story where they score with their performance. However Paresh Rawal as the baddie is more a caricature villain. Maybe a stringer portrayal would have made more difference. There is of course Mohanbabu who has limited screen presence but a strong effect on the story.
With GV Prakash by her side, Sudha’s battle seems to have been made easy. His BGM provides the right momentum. And songs are no hurdle to the story’s progress.
Sudha has yet again proved that movies are meant not just to entertain all but educate them and sing laurels of underdogs who pitted against all odd achieve their goals.

Forget minor flaws, Soorarai Pottru is worth-watch and no doubt led by Sudha Kongara, Suriya has packed it with punch.