‘Hit the gym with care’

Young Lizaa adds caution for people whole using the gyms as the pandemic is not over yet. The businesses has been hit badly this year and mostly the gyms.

The fitness centres were closed for the longest of time especially in Maharashtra. They started closing down in early March and they could not open till November.

That’s a long time and the fitness professionals had to go through a very difficult time.

Lizaa has started working out and she is cautioning everyone who is working out at the gym. We have to take measures. The situation is not getting any better and we ought to not take the foot of the pedal.

She says, ‘We have started working out at the gyms as they have opened after almost 8 months. As professionals from the audio visual medium we need to be under training all the year around and health generally is a huge concern and fitness centres keep us fit. We can’t be complacent at any point. We have to keep sanitizing ourselves. Use masks and shields and maintain a six feet or more than two arm distance from each other at all times. We have to use our own towels and that’s an absolute non negotiable. The hygiene factor is life saving and not just one small factor anymore. Let’s all be safe and keep the community safe by following all precautions.’