Rahul Gandhi questions reported Chinese construction near Doklam

New Delhi: The Congress has asked the government as to what steps it has taken to counter the “Chinese aggression” at the border.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tagged a media report in this regard and said, “China’s geopolitical strategy cannot be countered by a PR driven media strategy. This simple fact seems to elude the minds of those running GOI.”

Pointing out to reports claiming that China has built a village and a road within Bhutanese territory near Doklam, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said the move threatens the Siliguri corridor, which can lead to the isolation of Northeast from the mainland. “The government’s silence is enabling the Chinese aggression,” he alleged.

Khera said the ‘silence’ of the GOI on developments related to China has been ‘deafening’. “Why is there no acknowledgment of the fact that we are now caught up in multi-border tension,” he added.


NT Bureau