Andhagaram: Experimental & engaging

Three cheers to young filmmaker Vignarajan whose maiden venture Andhaghaaram is experimental and engaging. A supernatural thriller, it speaks of several things without being at tour face.

Credits to Vignarajan for not steering a cliched path. A horror thriller where there is more logic. And half the battle has been won with a team of talented artistes playing right characters.

Standing out among them in Arjun Das as depressed cricket coach He comes up trumps with subtle performance that elevates the movie. His perplexed looks and a desire to know what next in his life have been brought out well.

A promising talent. His body language and dialogue delivery deserve applause. He is in sublime form all through the movie.

The film revolves around a depressed cricket coach Vinod (Arjun Das), a visually-challenged librarian Selvam (Vinoth Kishan), and a psychiatrist Indran (Kumar Natarajan). There are some dark secrets about the psychiatrist. The three characters meet at a point and there are some unsolved mysteries in their lives which are slowly answered.

Vinoth Kishan and Kumar Natarajan chip in well while Pooja Ramchandran comes up with a good show.

Andhaghaaram hascinematography by Edwin Sakay and music is by Pradeep Kumar.

On the whole, the director brings out his vision well extracting the best from his cast and crew. Andhagaram in worth a watch.