Cyclone Nivar: Health Minister says 108 ambulances geared up to attend emergencies

Dr C Vijayabaskar

Chennai: Tamilnadu Health Minister Dr C Vijayabaskar has announced that the 108 ambulance services are in a state of preparedness to attend to emergencies in view of the onset of Cyclone Nivar, which would make a land fall tonight.

Talking to reporters, he said the fuel tanks of all the ambulances were filled to capacity.

He also said about 2,000 litres of fuel has been procured to operate generators in case of power failure at the 108 emergency call response centres.

Additional manpower has been deployed and the vehicles were kept in readiness near government hospitals and police stations to prevent problems arising out of power failure and disruption of any telecommunication facilities, the Minister said.

He said more than 450 ambulances were kept in state of readiness to operate in the coastal districts of Nagapsttinam, Cuddalore, Pudukottai, Tiruvarur, Thanjavur and Chengalpattu, where the rains were expected to be heavy to extremely heavy.

Arrangements have also been made to integrate fire service and police control rooms for emergencies, he added.

Dr Vijayabaskar said a 24-hour emergency centre has been set up to send out the government’s alerts as SMS and through WhatsApp.

People may contact 044-28888105 or 7338895011 for assistance in case of emergencies.


NT Bureau