Simple ways to alleviate stress

Chennai: Recent studies in India have suggested that there has been an unprecedented rise in stress-related issues amongst people since the first national lockdown was announced earlier in March.

Due to anxiety, job cuts, salary cuts, health concerns, and an increasingly volatile environment, stress levels amongst Indians are high.

But while the times may be tough, it’s important to ensure we do whatever we can to keep our stress levels under control and stay positive as in the long run this can have both mental as well as physical implications.

Here are some simple tips which when followed regularly can help alleviate stress. Eating right has several benefits – physical, mental, and even emotional. You will be surprised how big a role a healthy and nutrient-dense diet can play in controlling stress – both physical and mental.

Include all the food groups like whole grains, pulses/dals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy, egg and meat (if you are non-vegetarian) in the right quantities for better physical and mental health.

According to a recent study conducted at King’s College London, by revising one’s dietary strategy to include almonds, a person can increase cardiovascular resilience to mental stress.

Exercise is known to be a stress buster. Studies show that it is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and enhancing overall cognitive function. The physical benefits of regular exercise are also several: better sleep, strengthened immunity, and lowered blood pressure and blood glucose are some of them.

From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep and set the alarm for the next day, we spend copious amounts of time watching videos, scrolling through photos, and working (in the new normal). You might not realize this, but spending a large amount of time in front of the various screens (smartphones, laptops, tablets, television, etc.) also has an impact on your stress level.To counter this, work towards actively reducing your screen time – whenever feasible.


NT Bureau