Platinum is not just for women

Chennai: 2020 has been a year of unprecedented chaos and turmoil. These tough times have witnessed men in various walks of life be it business leaders, political leaders, husbands, fathers and entrepreneurs who stood by their values, making those inconvenient choices when faced with a crisis, and they still continue to do so.

The latest collection by Platinum Guild India’s (PGI) Men of Platinum range, celebrates all these men who rose to the challenge with astounding resilience to only emerge stronger, much like platinum.

No matter what the circumstances or how hard the path when it was time to choose, they chose to stay true to their belief and values.

“Their choices making a big difference in the lives they touched. Making a difficult time relatively easier. Each exquisite piece in this latest collection has been intricately designed to celebrate a sense of style that is as rare and classy as the man who adorns it,” says a PGI statement, adding: “Each statement piece complements the platinum man and his endurance to withstand the harshest storms while holding strong to all that truly matters to him.”


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