2 initiatives to boot morale and ensure safety of shop owners, workers

Chennai: Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) and Retailers Association of India (RAI) have unveiled a campaign #KhulkeBoloThankYou in line with the upcoming Retail Employees Day celebrated on 12 December each year.

With an aim to thank the retail associates for their service all through the year despite the global pandemic, the campaign aims to spread awareness about their role and contribution in our lives.

Driven with the goal of gathering ‘1 Million Thank Yous’, the movement by TRRAIN and RAI is a step to empower the frontline warriors from the retail fraternity across the globe and in India who have assisted us with our everyday needs, said a press note.

The 360-degree campaign launched with a digital film showcases people from all walks of life exchanging dialogue with their amiable retail associate/employee.
Meanwhile, the Foods Division of ITC Ltd has spearheaded a retail engagement initiative that focussed on ensuring the safety of retailers.

The initiative covered over 20,000 retailers across the country and addressed their safety requirements by ensuring that risks associated with the pandemic are minimised for them.

“This program supported the friendly neighbourhood kiranas and general stores with protective window shields, protective gear and social distancing curtains to enable them to continue running their establishment/shop whilst following hygiene and safety protocols,” said a statement.


NT Bureau