Delhi sees its coldest November in 71 years

New Delhi: This November was the coldest in Delhi in 71 years, the India Meteorological Department said and added that the mean minimum temperature dropped to 10.2 degrees Celsius.

Delhi had recorded a mean minimum temperature of 10.2 degrees Celsius in November 1949.

According to IMD data, the mean minimum temperature for November was 9.6 degrees Celsius in 1938; nine degrees Celsius in 1931 and 8.9 degrees Celsius in 1930.
Normally, the mean minimum temperature for the month of November is 12.9 degrees Celsius.

The mean minimum temperature was 15 degrees Celsius last year, 13.4 degrees Celsius in 2018 and 12.8 degrees Celsius in 2017 and 2016.

Delhi also braved four cold waves in November on the 3rd, 20th, 23rd and 24th.


NT Bureau