TN polls: Alagiri looking to create ripples

Chennai: With the Tamilnadu State Assembly elections nearing, expelled DMK leader and former Union Minister M K Alagiri is back in the news.

Wanting to make his presence felt this time around, Alagiri said that he would certainly play a role in the ensuing polls.

Speaking to reporters in Madurai on Tuesday, he said, he would hold consultations with his supporters and then take a stand accordingly.

On the possibility of starting a new party, the eldest son of late Chief Minister and DMK President M Karunanidhi, said, “whatever be the decision, it would be taken only after proper discussions”.

With rumours floating around on his possible alliance with the BJP, Alagiri categorically refused to reply, stating these were false speculations.

A week earlier, ahead of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to the city, expelled former DMK MP K P Ramalingam joined the BJP and said he would try to convince Alagiri to join the saffron party.

Reacting to this, BJP Tamilnadu President L Murugan said his party was ready to welcome Alagiri if he wanted to join.

“I did not receive any official communication (about such a possibility)…I haven’t spoken to him. We are open (to the possibility). If he comes and if he wants to join our party, we are ready to welcome him”, he had said.

However, Alagiri said, no one from the BJP had spoken to him, and that Murugan had only expressed his opinion.


NT Bureau