Celebrate love with Platinum Bands

Chennai: Platinum Days of Love by Platinum Guild India, has launched a new collection of exquisitely crafted Platinum Love Bands as a tribute to couples who have displayed values of strength, resilience, patience, and optimism through some really dark times.

Even when separated by miles, couples have been each other’s loudest cheerleaders, in the face of many hurdles, doubts, fears and anxieties.They have refused to come undone, facing it all resolutely, and holding each other close after every fall. This new collection is a humble marker of this love, a press release said.

Each set of love bands pays tribute to the unique journey of the one who adorns it. While the design narrative includes geometric designs, delicate markings, intricate patterns, clean lines, and hints of precious stones and two-toned pieces, the storytelling celebrates the couple’s unique relationship journey.


NT Bureau