Investing in international companies becomes easy with technology

Chennai: Investing in top international companies is now possible, thanks to the easy access to them via international mutual funds that are available on personal finance apps.

A statement here said, “International Funds are one of the simplest and low-cost options for Indians wanting to invest in the international markets. These funds are offered by Indian mutual fund houses and work like other domestic mutual funds wherein you invest in rupees and get the redemption amount also in rupees”. So why invest in other countries at all?

According to ETMoney, an investor focused only on the domestic stock market would have his/ her investments prone to country-specific risks such as an economic slowdown or political instability. Diversifying your investments by investing in markets of other countries gives you a safety net. Another big reason is that India’s share in the global economy varies from 3-8 per cent, and investing in international markets makes you a part of the growth of the remaining 92-97 per cent of the world.

It is here that personal finance apps come into play. You can easily select your favourite international mutual funds from top Indian fund houses such as Edelweiss, ICICI, Axis, UTI, SBI, Motilal Oswal, etc based on country and sector and start with SIPs as low as Rs 500 or lump-sum investments from as low as Rs 5,000.


NT Bureau