All zones in Chennai make progress from Covid recovery

Chennai: The Covid numbers in the city continue to be moderate. As per reports, all 15 zones in Chennai have reported an average of 97 per cent recovery rate.

In terms of fresh cases of coronavirus, eight zone have just one per cent active cases and seven zones have two per cent. This morning the tally of total positive cases were 3,236.

Since the lockdown, Chennai has recorded 2,18,549 cases of Covid-19, of which 2,11,420 have recovered over the months.

The most number of recoveries took place in Anna Nagar where the tally is 23,213. On 9 December, nearly 11,089 persons were tested by the Health department.

It is reported that nearly 3,893 persons have died due to the viral infection. As per records, 497 persons died in Teynampet, 438 casualties were reported in Anna Nagar and 428 deaths were recorded in Kodambakkam.

Currently, 395 persons have contracted the virus in Anna Nagar and 345 have tested positive in Kodambakkam.

Places such as Manali have the least number of cases at 48 and Shollinganallur has 74 positive cases.

Nearly, 61.77 per cent of those affected with Covid are male and 38.23 per cent are female. The viral infection has most affected people in the age group of 50-59 with 19.65 per cent belonging to this age group.


NT Bureau