Virtual blood stem cell donor drive to save Chennai toddler

Chennai: A three-year-old boy from Chennai was diagnosed in August with an extremely rare Lysosomal storage disorder named Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS).

His body does not have an enzyme that is needed to break down large sugar molecules. As a result, the molecules build up in different parts of the body and cause various health problems.

As there are no alternative medicines for his disorder, the doctors have informed the family that only a Stem cell Transplant from a fully matched donor is his only chance for survival.

DKMS BMST Foundation India, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fight against blood cancer and related disorders is coordinating the search for a matching donor for the child.

To reach out to people across India, DKMS-BMST has launched a virtual drive for Juhit where one can register online to be a potential lifesaver and save patients like Nithi. The link to register is

As per statistics, only 30 per cent of blood disorder patients in need of a stem cell transplant are able to find a related match and about 70 per cent of patients need an unrelated donor.


NT Bureau