Editorial: Reforms, revolt & redress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that he was ready with folded hands to discuss every issue of farm laws with agriculturists.

“We are ready to have our hands folded, heads bowed and with humanity, we will allay the fears if anyone has any concerns”. He also pointed out that there are no plans to end the Minimum Support Prices and it is the biggest lie ever.

Modi said agricultural reforms were discussed for over two decades by every government. “These laws were not brought in overnight. Every government, State has discussed these in detail in the past 22 years. Farmer groups, agricultural experts, economists, scientists and progressive farmers want a reform to happen. The parties that are opposing these laws today have promised the same reforms in their manifestos.”

“These parties are pained today. They are asking themselves, what we couldn’t do, how could Modi do? Why should he get credit? My reply to them is – you keep the credit. Even I will give credit to your own manifestos. I don’t want credit. I want farmers’ lives to improve. Stop misleading farmers,” Modi said. Will farmers agree? Coming days will be crucial as the protests are gathering storm and even agriculturists in other States are out on the streets.


NT Bureau