Helping budding cricketer realise his dream

Chennai: IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited promoted by Bank of Baroda and Union Bank of India, has announced sponsorship to one of its former employees, and the former captain of Mumbai Under-16 cricket team, Pushkar Sharma.

A press release here said, Pushkar, being a hardworking and determined person, had to face the biggest test of his life when his father passed away. Even while grieving on father’s loss and the situation of the family, he did not give up on cricket. He got an opportunity to work with IndiaFirst Life where he could work and play for the company together. His dream is to be a National cricketer and play for India in times to come.

Keeping #EmployeeFirst philosophy at the core of its human capital initiatives, IndiaFirst Life has pledged to support Pushkar Sharma to compete and be eligible for regional and international tournaments over the course of five years.

Praveen Menon, chief people officer, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited said, ‘It’s a pleasure to see employees with various skills fighting all odds to pursue their passion. We are immensely proud of Pushkar’s commitment towards the game. IndiaFirst Life will continue to support and nurture its in-house talents to follow their passion and grow beyond the professional realms’.

Pushkar Sharma said, “I am grateful to be a part of IndiaFirst Life, a company that has not only encouraged my talent. The organisation has helped me in my initial days to believe in myself and reach the stage that I am at today”.


NT Bureau