Star Movies takes viewers back to 90s

Chennai: Star Movies has curated a two month long festival of the best Hollywood films of the 90’s decade.

A press release said, from 26 December, Star Movies will showcase ‘Back to 90s” festival transporting viewers to their favourite decade to create a sense of nostalgia and bringing back happy childhood and teenage memories.

The exhaustive list of films being showcased as part of the festival will include some of the biggest titles of the 90s including blockbuster Sci – Fi films – Armageddon and Independence Day, Action thrillers like Speed and Con Air, as well as some of the best comedy and animation films like Baby’s Day out, Toy Story and films featuring genius comedian Robbin Williams.

The festival will also showcase cultural headliners of the 90s like Macaulay Culkin, Keanu Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies.

And to bring alive the Christmas spirit, Home Alone will elevate viewer’s mood into the blissful family holiday mood.

Tune in to ‘Back to the 90s’ festival every Saturday on Star Movies and binge watch from 12 noon onwards till 9 pm.


NT Bureau