‘Saffron’ Thiruvalluvar on govt TV: Minister clarifies

K A Sengottaiyan

Chennai: State Education Minister K A Sengottaiyan today said that there was no hidden intention of showing saint-poet Thiruvalluvar in saffron robes with ash smeared in his forehead in the Tamilnadu State run Kalvi Channel.

He said that the image was aired by mistake and was taken down immediately after it was brought to his knowledge.

Kalvi TV ran into controversy on Sunday after it used an image of Thiruvalluvar in saffron robes during the telecast of a programme aired to explain a Thirukkural couplet.

Opposition parties including the DMK, MDMK and AMMK immediately condemned the ruling AIADMK government for the incident and alleged that the ruling party was carrying out efforts to saffronise the saint-poet.

Opposition parties said that the ruling AIADMK was attempting to help alliance partner BJP in saffronising the poet, known for his efforts to instill noble virtues.


NT Bureau