Chidambaram Arudra car fest held

Chennai: Tens of hundreds of devotees today took part in the annual car festoval of Sabapathy temple popularly known as Sri Natarajar temple in Chidambaram, as part of the Arudhra Darisanam festivities.

Five cars carrying the processional cum presiding deity Lord Nataraja and his consort Sivagamasundari, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Subramaniam and Chandigeswar rolled out from the temple premises. The devotees pulled the cars through the town.

After the procession, Lord Natarajar and goddess Sivagama Sundari were brought to the 1000-pillar mandapam in the temple where Laksharchana and special pujas would be performed.

This is one of the two important annual ten-day festivals when Lord Nataraja is taken out around the four Car Streets in the temple-town, the other festival being `Aani Thirumanjanam’.

Earlier, a protest was conducted by priests and devotees, urging officials to relax Covid-19 restrictions.


NT Bureau