Rajini fans get ready for mega rally in Chennai

Chennai: Fans of Rajinikanth from across Tamilnadu will gather near Valluvar Kottam tomorrow morning to urge the actor to reconsider his decision on political foray.

The actor recently announced that he will not be starting his political party and that his recent health scare was a warning from God.

Rajinikanth took to Twitter and said that he did not want to make the people who believe in him feel like a scapegoat. His recent health conditions had come as a warning, he said and added that he took the recent development over his health condition as a warning from God and he would not go ahead with his plans to take the political plunge for the 2021 Tamilnadu election.

In protest against the decision, Rajinikanth’s fans decided to gather for a silent protest near Valluvar Kottam tomorrow.

Earlier, the district secretaries of Rajini Makkal Mandram had issued a statement in which they saaid that the cadre should not participate in a protest against Rajinikanth’s decision to exit electoral politics.

RMM members have been posting messages on social media urging Rajinikanth to enter politics and ensure a ‘system change’.


NT Bureau