They strive to serve needy

Chennai: As part of the 142nd birthday of founder of Lions Club International Melvin Jones, volunteers of United Samaritans Lions Club, organised ‘Mega Hunger Relieving Program’ in 9 different locations to fulfil hunger of mentally retarded childrens, slum and gypsy families, differently- abled people, homeless people, menial staff and needy hungry children.

A press release said, “We worship the motto ‘We Serve’. Melvin Jones, the man
whose personal code is ‘You can’t get very far until you start doing something for
somebody else’ – became a guiding principle for public-spirited people like us the world over. ‘Feeding the Hunger’ is the signature project of United Samaritans Lions Club led by our president Dr Sheeba Lourdhes. Having won the Miss Tamilnadu Fashion Icon, Dr Sheeba Lourdhes, founder/president of United Samaritans group is an active patron in the Indian Red Cross Society and also encourages periodic blood donations. She is also a lifemember in YMCA, Chennai, and Naradha Gana Sabha, Karur.”


NT Bureau