‘300-400 terrorists looking to infiltrate into J&K’

M M Naravane

Chennai: Around 300-400 terrorists trained in camps across the Line of Control (LoC) are ready to sneak into Jammu and Kashmir, Army chief General MM Naravane said.

In his speech during the Army day parade, he also said that there has been a 44 per cent increase in ceasefire violations that reflects Pakistan’s sinister design. Pakistan often provides cover fire to help terrorists sneak into Jammu and Kashmir.

Gen Naravane said India’s active operations and strong counter-infiltration grid not only inflicted heavy losses on the enemy but they contained infiltration attempts as well.

He said the Army killed over 200 terrorists in counter-terror operations and on the LoC last year, adding these measures have provided people of Jammu and Kashmir relief from terrorism.

“Strong response is being given to the enemy on the other border. Pakistan continues to provide safe haven to terrorists. In the training camps, across the LoC around 300-400 terrorists are ready to infiltrate,” he said.

“There was an increase of 44 per cent in the ceasefire violations last year which is proof of Pakistan’s sinister plans. There were also attempts to smuggle weapons using drones,” he added.

There were efforts to smuggle weapons into India from across the border using drones and tunnels, he mentioned.

Gen Naravane said the Indian Army is working towards reorganisation and modernisation in order to increase its war fighting capability.


NT Bureau