Joe Biden, Kamala Harris become US President, VP amid tight security

Washington: Joe Biden led a national memorial observance on the eve of his inauguration to honour the 400,000 Americans who have perished from Covid-19 during the 11 months since the novel coronavirus claimed its first US life.

‘It’s hard sometimes to remember. But that’s how we heal. It’s important to do that as a nation. That’s why we’re here today. Between sundown and dusk, let us shine the lights in the darkness along the sacred pool of reflection and remember all whom we lost,’ Biden said.

Biden was all set to take oath as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the Vice President.

Ceremonies spearheaded by Biden and Kamala marked the federal government’s first official nod to the staggering death toll from the pandemic.

In his farewell address to the nation Tuesday, Donald Trump extended his wishes to the Biden administration. ‘This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous,’ Trump said.

Weeks after the Capitol Hill siege, there were extraordinary levels of security in place for the inauguration ceremony that is expected to begin at 8.30 pm IST. Biden and Kamala Harris will take oath of office, following which Biden will deliver his inaugural speech laying down the vision of his administration.