‘The Real Crisis’ attempts to decode today’s problems

Chennai: The Real Crisis, a digital booklet, by J Krishnamurti, has laid bare the fundamental causes for deepening societal and individual crises, that seemingly ravage our world today.

In his book, Krishnamurti asks, “Why has man, who has lived for thousands and thousands of years, come to such misery and conflict?… If you put aside the easy explanations of over-population, lack of morality which goes with technological knowledge and this lack of direct communication, what then is the fundamental reason, the fundamental cause of this misery?”

The latest pandemic leading to a severe global economic downturn and deep continuing social unrest has yet again brought a major crisis to our doorstep.

When there is some semblance of ‘normalcy’, we move on to our everyday struggles of making ends meet and striving to get somewhere, as if they were different from the abnormal crisis we have just been through.

We never ask whether our present way of living itself is not the cause of the next global crisis.

Krishnamurti, in his book, has revealed that it is the workings of the human mind which is the cause of all crises.

Set in plain English and drawing from ordinary human life, his talks, writings, and dialogues bring a daringly original approach to the existential dilemmas that confront us.

The digital booklet is available in nine languages – Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Odia and English, and is free to download at www.kfionline .org.


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